Fair Use of Copyrighted Works

Fair use is a copyright principle based on the belief that the public
is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes
of commentary and criticism.

The videos provided on OrgasmJunkie.Com are not hosted by OrgasmJunkie.Com 
or produced by OrgasmJunkie.Com; they are provided as links or embedded video
from a third-party content provider.  It is the opinion of the operators of 
OrgasmJunkie.Com that the video clips of the copyrighted works which are 
presented through the webpages hosted on OrgasmJunkie.Com fall within the 
legal definitions of Fair Use.

If you are the legal copyright holder for a video clip which is presented
on OrgasmJunkie.com and disagree with this fair use interpretation, your
first action should be to contact the site hosting the video to request
that the file be removed.  You may also contact the OrgasmJunkie.com site 
operator with an explanation of your point of view at the email address 
of: webmaster (at) orgasmjunkie.com.  Due consideration will be given to 
any complaint.